Local Flowing Coriander Silver Set

Local Flowing Coriander Silver Set

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This handcrafted local flowing coriander filigree silver set is made from the finest 925 sterling silver. Local flowing coriander filigree silver set featuring an intricate and rich collar design boasting layers of silver bars, and another glorious bold bracelet. This 2 pieces set was cast in a highly polished sterling silver finish. Pretty and elegant, you can try to complement your bold necklace set with contemporary or ethnic clothing. As a rule, our handmade jewelry set doesn't cause metal allergies and irritations. It also doesn't leave marks on the skin or clothing.

This handcrafted Silver Set will definitely be a treasured inclusion in every woman's jewelry collection. The vintage necklace and bracelet are suitable for you to attend special occasions, such as a dinner party, birthday party, and so on. The necklace and bracelet set could go with any outfit you choose. You will surely get tons of compliments on multiple occasions. This gorgeous fine silver set does not weigh too much, its good a vintage unique design nice construction, and eye-catching.


  • The product is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • Our model is made of a single wire by breaking the thin wire that we call bedeck, which is formed by melting unique silver.
  • Our model is completely handmade and its 3000-year-old root dates back to BC It has been processed with filigree art dating back to 1000. We present our models to you, our valuable members and visitors, by designing them and having them run by the Assyrian Masters of Midyat in order to make these specially designed pieces.
  • The thickness of the bracelet is 0.91 inch
  • The chain length of the necklace 16.54 inch/thickness of the necklace 1.19 inch
  • The average weight of the set: 1.97 oz
  • Code: 1504