How to find the perfect size for your ring

Not sure what your ring size is? let us help you, it is important that you find the best possible match. All our rings are handmade and returning them is not possible. But no panic, even if your ring of dreams is not the perfect size, any goldsmith knows how to make them a big bigger or smaller.

When you look for your size bear in mind that a finger is not always the same size, mornings our finger tent to be smaller, during the day and later the day they get bigger. Also ambient temperature will affect the size of your finger and remember, the older we get the bigger our fingers become, as a rule of thump go bigger if you are unsure.

For the perfect sizing we recommend to follow our step by step guide, remember finger is never the same size, for perfect result measure the finger over a few days on different times, somewhere in the middle is the perfect size.

1. Cut a piece of non-stretchable string, if its stretchable, no panic works as well you just have to be more careful.

2. Wrap the string around the finger where the ring will be. Tighten up until you are comfy.  Make sure it’s not too tight or too loose.

3. Mark the spot where string is completing a full circle. the mark should be on both ends of the string. 

4. Measure the space between the two marked spots. This is your inner circumference.

5. Check on the sketch your size, remember bigger is better. if your size is not available go for the next bigger one.