Finely Embroidered Silver Design Brooch

Finely Embroidered Silver Design Brooch

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The edges and antennae of this affordable handmade Silver Brooch have intricate wire detailing, and will dazzle with any outfit you wear.

This entrancing, Finely Embroidered brooch pin will infuse every look with a burst of springtime. This stunning brooch pin features a dazzling flower motif enhanced by an array of sparkling crystals. The wings and head are all moveable parts and it has a pin and rollover C clasp closure to the rear. It is in very good condition and measures approximately 1.86 inches Enhance your favorite garments and fashion accessories. Don this free-spirited flower brooch pin on jacket blouses, sweaters, scarves, hats, bag, knapsack, or match with a shawl. 

Transform into a work of art with our shimmering Clear handcrafted Flower Brooch Pin. The latest statement piece features an elegant silver-tone finish flower design with clear crystal and rhinestones perfect fashion pins for bride-to-be during weddings, or other parties, prom night, and casual events. A perfect holiday accessory, and ideal as a stocking stuffer.Detailed sterling silver flower design brooch with intricate silver filigree design.


  • Made of 925 sterling silver
  • All of our product is handmade
  • Silver surface is coated with oxide to give an authentic appearance. 
  • Stones used in making: root emerald and root ruby 
  • Our product is formed as a result of shaping the silver wire by using hand techniques and hand tools after pure silver is turned into a thin wire. 
  • Product size: 1.86 inches from left to right 
  • Product weight: 0.27 oz