Finely Engraved Sapphire Stone Design Necklace

Finely Engraved Sapphire Stone Design Necklace

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Finely Engraved Clove Design Ottoman Tugra Silver Necklace is made from the finest sterling silver as indicated with Sapphire, root emerald, root ruby stone. The organic beauty of nature is what inspires this piece combining flower oval design shape design and soldered leaves give this necklace a distinct and unique look. The beautifully come together in this on-trend bar necklace. Sterling silver is hypoallergenic so it is safe for people with nickel or leads allergies. When you wear this beautiful mixture of natural stonework necklace you will look more elegant and charming.

The sterling silver Rolo cable chain Tugra Silver oval necklace with lobster clasp closure is easy to use and comfortable to wear. Root emerald, root ruby stonework Tugra necklace is beautifully handcrafted. The pretty Eco-friendly Tugra Necklace would be a perfect gift for your sister, mother, daughter, best friend, or even yourself! Your jewelry box will love you! With our Creations, Treat yourself or someone you LOVE sterling silver Filigree Engraved Antique from our collection. 


  • The product is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • Our product is handmade and produced by shaping a thin wire made of pure silver only with hand tools.
  • Sapphire and root emerald, root ruby ​​stone are used in our product.
  • All of the stones of the product are mounted with nail art.
  • The product consists of a  pendant and a chain.
  • The end to end length of the chain necklace is 19.69 inch
  • The product measures 1.89 inches from top to bottom,1.19 inch from left to right
  • The average weight of the product: 0.33 oz