Filigree Engraved Butterfly Design Silver Brooch

Filigree Engraved Butterfly Design Silver Brooch

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The edges and antennae of this affordable handmade Silver Brooch have intricate wire detailing, and will dazzle with any outfit you wear.

The Fine worked Embroidered sterling silver butterfly brooch pin appears to be blowing in the wind, as it is made in a gently curving design. This sterling silver maple butterfly brooch is made of solid 925 sterling silver and highly detailed, capturing it in perfect movement. The contrast of the veins on the butterfly pin to the smooth and polished midrib along the center of the silver brooch gives this piece of nature jewelry a lovely contrast.

This handmade entrancing butterfly brooch pin will infuse every look with a burst of springtime. A lovely brooch such as this is will definitely be your go-to accessory. This can also be worn as a complementary piece pinned to your scarves, sweaters, dresses, hats, shirts, shawls, or scarves. Wear this to dress up your more casual outfits or to add more sparkle to your formal wear for occasions such as cocktail parties, prom, homecoming, and black tie events.

  • Made of 925 sterling silver
  • All of our product is handmade
  • The silver surface is coated with oxide to give an authentic appearance
  • Our product is formed as a result of shaping the silver wire by using hand techniques and hand tools after pure silver is turned into a thin wire. 
  • Product size: 1.11 inch from left to right
  • Product weight: 0.18 oz 
  • Code: 327