Mermaid Fishtail Rose Gold Ring

Mermaid Fishtail Rose Gold Ring

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Legend has it that the mermaid has a beautiful appearance and a kind heart in the world, her tears will bring good luck, and this ring is designed as a mermaid fishtail. Tears, beautiful, unique style. This Fishtail ring is made by Pure 925 Solid Sterling Silver with the artisan handmade process. The opening can be adjusted, so it is suitable for all kinds of women, and there are two kinds of rose gold and silver. Women Mermaid Fishtail Ring at the price of one, one is love arrow ring, one is feathers ring and the other one is left women ring, all can adjustable. It is easily adjustable just by bending it open or closed, so you can wear it on any finger.

That is why we are confident, every piece of jewelry you will find on HEARTOFMARDIN will hint of dedication, and craftsmanship all over it. We deeply care about using high-quality materials that will make every piece of jewelry make you feel amazing while you wear it. Handcrafted Unique opening and adjustable design to fit your finger.  The ring is Great handmade polished, makes the surface more smooth and shiny, also very comfortable to wear. The exquisite appearance of this ring, whether it is Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, birthday and other important moments, it is a good choice to give it to yourself or family and friends.


  • It is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • The silver surface is coated with rose gold rhodium, giving a golden appearance.
  • Since the ring surrounding the finger is open, you can use the ring in the desired size by bending it inwards or outwards.
  • The average weight of the ring: 0.04 OZ

Note: Our rings are adjustable. Please check the size chart before purchase your order.

Internal diameter (mm) 15.6 - 15.9 16.5 16.9 - 17.9 17.2 - 17.83 17.9 - 18.5
Internal diameter (inches) 0.61 - 0.63 0.65 - 0.66 0.67 - 0.68 0.69 - 0.7 0.71 - 0.73
Spain / France 10 12 14 16 18
European Union 50 52 54 56 58
United Kingdom J-K L-L'1/2 M 1/2 - N 1/2 O - P P 1/2 -  1/2
United States / Canada 5'1/2 6 - 6'1/2 7 7'1/2 - 8 8'1/2 - 9