Root Emerald Antique Silver Earrings

Root Emerald Antique Silver Earrings

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Love drop dangle earrings? You will way the Root Emerald antique design is nestled in a bed of artisanal hand-crafted sterling silver. When you wear antique earrings, you wear a piece of history! The handcrafted filigree Root Emerald Antique Design is highly inspired by the shapes and styles we find in the nature around us and how it is represented in many middle eastern and oriental cultures. The intricate design is full of detail and pleasure to look at. The combination of technology and craftsmanship come together to give this earring. Its heavy look with a high polished finish. A unique statement piece and a true example of fine craftsmanship.

Fabulous pair Root Emerald Antique Design set made of 925 sterling silver and featuring sweet Root Emerald stone drops. Your beautiful treasure arrives in a pretty eco-friendly pouch and it would be a perfect gift for your sister, mother, daughter, best friend, or even yourself. Exquisite everyday silver Antique earrings for casual, dressy, or business attire. A great addition to your sterling silver earring collection .classic and chic, they will make a wonderful gift for your mom, sister, wife, or girlfriend for Christmas, valentine's day, mother's day, birthday, or anniversary.


  • It is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • Stones used in its production: Root Emerald.
  • The colored parts are enameled.
  • The average size of the earring from top to bottom: 0.87 inch
  • The average weight of the earring:0.24 oz
  • Our product is completely handmade.
  • Code: 5057