Straw Weave Kazaziye Engraved Silver Bracelet

Straw Weave Kazaziye Engraved Silver Bracelet

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The Straw Weave rope braid bracelet is woven by workers with many years of experience. We believe that hand-made bracelets are different from machine-made products. Every bracelet is precious and unique. The handcrafted bracelet made of 925 sterling silver, you can enjoy it for years with virtually no maintenance and no worry about sensitive skin. Straw weave's unique design, stylish and exquisite, can give you a new feeling every day, straw weave kazaziye engraved silver bracelet made of waxed string, with waterproof and will not fade, you can take these bracelets for swimming, surfing or gaming on the beach.

The handmade strand string bracelets have an adjustable slip knot, which is easy to adjust. You can adjust the size at will according to the size of your wrist or ankle and find the size that satisfies you. Suitable for most men and women. The black bracelet is the best match for beach and daily wear, and it is mixed with a bohemian design, which is more fashionable and chic. Some bracelets also have small wave pendants. You can wear them alone or stack them wearing them together can make your wrist unique every day.


  • It is made of 1000 carat pure silver.
  • Our product is knitted and processed using only hand tools after pure silver is turned into a thin wire.
  • The average weight of our product: 0.59 oz
  • The average length of the bracelet from end to end: 7.49 inch
  • The average thickness of the bracelet: 0.48 inch
  • Code: 3425