Trabzon Straw Silver Earrings

Trabzon Straw Silver Earrings

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Add some elegance with these brilliant metallic-tone earrings with drops featuring a sophisticated textured design. A simply elegant way to dress up your look, these earrings feature a silver-tone knot design. Then, each piece is silver plated and electro-coated to seal and protect the finish. Trabzon Straw Silver Earrings featured a tarnish-resistant coating, so cleaning or polishing is unnecessary and may cause harm to the finish. Lightweight design, and all metals, plating, and coating finishes are lead, nickel, and cadmium free.

Handmade Trabzon Straw Silver Earrings made of Elegantly handcrafted in high quality 925 sterling silver. It's nicely polished protects you from an allergy or skin irritation. Not easy to fade and allow you to wear them every day. Safer and more comfortable. This design not only reveals brilliant shine but also lights up the look of your beauty. Make you look nobler. The earring is Suitable for a lot of daily wear, make you charmer and attractive in any occasion.


  • It is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • Our product is completely handmade.
  • The wire mesh, which is formed in 0.012 inches and 0.013-inch thickness as a result of very careful processes,  is given to the knitting ladies of Trabzon province to knit. The wicker knitting, which has been shaped by long-term efforts in the skillful hands of the knitting women who have kept this art alive for centuries, is then prepared as jewelry by our valuable masters in our workshops. Wire mesh goes through many important finishing processes in the workshop. Then again, it gains difference and variety with various buckle designs in the workshop. ( Trabzon Straw )
  • Earrings from top to bottom 0.79 inch from left to right width0.44 inch
  • Average Weight of the Product: 0.30 oz
  • Code: 1430