Zircon Stone Design Silver Ring

Zircon Stone Design Silver Ring

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Handcrafted Zircon Stone Single Row V design Silver Ring made of 925 Sterling Silver with  Zircon Stone Stackable. Add this elegant band to any engagement ring to add some shine. Simple and sophisticated, this anniversary band ring is set with sparkling Zircon Stone, adding a touch of glamour to your finger. A traditional style that never goes out of fashion. Great for stacking or worn just by itself as a simple adornment or a symbol of love. This slim v shape and thin eternity band can be worn by itself or stack with other rings. Every ring is unique in appearance, from sparkling brilliance to endless reflections.

This handcrafted Sparkling Zircon Stone simple ring represents a symbol of femininity and prestige which makes you feel beautiful and confident. Our jewelry has the ability to highlight your personality. When wearing this rose Silver Single Row Full black Sapphire Stone Ring pairing with stylish necklaces, for any occasion like a wedding, anniversary and birthday, or a party, you look stylish and beautiful and will bring such an enormous impact on your look that will make heads turn.

  • The product is made of 925 sterling silver.
  • Our product is covered with white gold rhodium and has the feature of not tarnishing.
  • The stones used on our product are Zircon stones.
  • The stones in our product are mounted with nail art (nails).
  • Our product is not deformed during its use.
  • Our product has an elegant and design look.
  • The average weight of the product: 0.04 oz

Note: Our rings are adjustable. Please check the size chart before purchase your order.

Internal diameter (mm) 15.6 - 15.9 16.5 16.9 - 17.9 17.2 - 17.83 17.9 - 18.5
Internal diameter (inches) 0.61 - 0.63 0.65 - 0.66 0.67 - 0.68 0.69 - 0.7 0.71 - 0.73
Spain / France 10 12 14 16 18
European Union 50 52 54 56 58
United Kingdom J-K L-L'1/2 M 1/2 - N 1/2 O - P P 1/2 -  1/2
United States / Canada 5'1/2 6 - 6'1/2 7 7'1/2 - 8 8'1/2 - 9